Posted by: johnocunningham | August 17, 2019

What’s Missing from Law Firm RSP’s ?

Corporate legal clients told law firm audience members what is missing from their RFP responses at the annual Legal Sales and Service Organization (“LSSO”) RainDance conference in June.

Thanks to Louise Henkel, director of business development and marketing at Hill Ward Henderson, for her notes on the input provided by the following panelists:

  • Christine Castellano, former Sr. VP, GC and Chief Compliance Officer for Ingredion, Inc.
  • Dennis Garcia, Assistant GC at Microsoft
  • Steven Heinrichs, Executive VP, GC and Chief Legal Compliance Officer at Mueller Water Products
  • Edward Paulis III, VP and Sr. Assistant GC at Zurich North America

And here is what panelists told law firms about how to improve on RFP’s:

  • Firm RFPs must have meaningful budget information based on real-world experience – this is THE big thing that all panelists identified as a problem
  • Firms should address how they protect confidential and privileged information from cyber-risk and traditional risks
  • Firms cannot do a “bait and switch” on diversity claims, showing one face for the RFP and another in their actual staffing

Big kudos to moderator Julianne Hartzell, partner at Marshall Gerstein, for some excellent panel questioning.

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