My professional experience as a lawyer, business executive and reporter has enabled me to provide a number of services related to creative writing, communications and client development.

I’ve helped my clients with their communications and messaging in print, on the Web, and in other media.

I have also helped them to improve their service and their business development, in large part by helping them to understand and connect better with their clients and customers.

Below is a list of some of the specific types of services I have provided:

Content: Creative Writing and Editing Services


  • Website and blog content
  • Newsletter content
  • Profiles (of people and organizations)
  • Case studies
  • White papers
  • Survey reports
  • Direct mail materials (cover letters and calls to action)
  • Collateral marketing materials
  • Mission statements
  • Communications with employees
  • Communications with the press
  • Speech writing
  • Articles
  • Book reviews

Communications Services

  • Speaking to professional groups and associations about subjects I have covered as a writer or reporter
  • Developing and refining marketplace messages, including taglines and advertising content
  • Facilitation of group discussions and group decision-making
  • Speaking to lawyers and engaging them in interactive discussions related to legal marketing, legal service quality and/or law prctice management and leadership, which are topics I have covered as a writer, having interviewed managing partners, CMOs and rainmakers at leading law firms around the country.
  • Providing practical, experience-based advice on organizational communication
  • Training professional marketers about legal concepts and language, and the unique business of practicing law

Client Development Services


  • Client feedback/surveys and programs on what clients really want
  • Client communications programs
  • Training and educating lawyers on marketing fundamentals – the sales cycle and how to develop business
  • Training and educating lawyers on the sales process and what kinds of marketing efforts clients prefer
  • Training and educating lawyers on client/customer service
  • Developing strategies for finding and capturing new clients
  • Refining client development pitches

Press Relations Services


  • Media training for enhancing press relations
  • Training on how to pitch stories and where to pitch them
  • Drafting press releases
  • Locating PR professionals who can assist you in placing stories

Press Commentary

  • Providing commentary on legal news/developments for press outlets

PRICING: All of these services are provided at prices geared to the individual project, depending on time involved, deadlines, expertise required, and other factors. In some cases, I may require a retainer, but usually do not need one for small, discreet tasks. Invoicing is done no less frequently than once per month. Estimates, quotes and capped arrangements are possible, depending on the project.

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