Posted by: johnocunningham | January 4, 2019

Most Popular Blog Posts in 2018

According to WordPress analytics, the blog posts on this site that were most widely read in 2018 were actually posts made in prior years.  This demonstrates the lasting power of cogent content on the web, which can be passed around in the form of social media links for many years.

It also tells me that I should highlight these popular posts for readers once again as we start a new year. The top five posts were, in order of popularity:

  1. How Many Impressions Make a Sale
  2. Why Bad Writing Happens to Smart People
  3. Law Firm Tag Lines – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly (an original piece from April 2013 that has been copied elsewhere in whole or in part without attribution)
  4. Ten Hilariously Misused Legal Terms
  5. What the 80-20 Rule Really Means

Hope you enjoyed them, and feel free to suggest more topics of interest pertinent to professional services communications, marketing and client development.


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