Posted by: johnocunningham | August 24, 2018

CFOs: Key Corporate Client Contacts

There is probably no officer in the C-suite that the CEO relies on more than the CFO, who is also frequently the longest tenured person in the suite (CMOs and CLOs get regularly churned, and CIOs get laterally recruited for big bucks).

So it is important for any professional service provider to develop a good relationship with the CFO, who often oversees many functions, including sometimes the legal function, HR function, insurance and loss prevention functions.

To get a good snapshot of what is on the minds of CFOs, you can check out 2017 CFO Survey Report published by AAF-CPAs. Among the key findings about the primary challenges of meeting CEO expectations and goals:

  • The biggest challenge is having the right people and talent
  • The second biggest challenge is a “lack of meaningful metrics” (note to law firms – you need to spend more time on metrics – it is the language of the CEO and the CFO)
  • Only 5 percent of respondents cite “regulatory issues” as a primary challenge.



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