Posted by: johnocunningham | July 19, 2017

GC Clients Sharing Data on Law Firm Performance

The ABA Journal and The American Lawyer have taken notice of an announcement by 25 General Counsel from different companies – clients are dialing up the scrutiny and comparing notes on the quality and results of legal service provided by law firms.

In a short article, the ABA Journal noted that  “the general counsel will share data that includes law firm names, billing rates and arrangements, matter types and reviews of the work by the in-house counsel.”

The American Lawyer actually published the open letter from 25 General Counsel, announcing their plans. The list of signatories includes GCs from well-known companies such as PayPal, Keurig Green Mountain, Petco, Levi Strauss, Molson Coors, MasterCard and Sony Electronics.

In a piece that examined the consequences for the legal industry, the American Lawyer’s Roy Strom said that “one longer-term outcome of the AdvanceLaw project could be to convert a broader swath of corporate clients to new ways of managing outside counsel – skeptical lawyers may be persuaded by the power of data.”

Law firm practitioners would be well-advised to read about these developments and anticipate the future, which is moving in the direction of demand for better project management, continuous process improvement, and use of technology and other tools necessary to optimize service.


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