Posted by: johnocunningham | July 9, 2017

Cybersecurity: A New and Growing Client Concern for Law Firms

As if the practice of law was not hard enough already, it appears that law firms have one more client concern that needs to be addressed, at least with some clients who are worried about cyber-security.

For the first time, I heard this concern raised on a panel of corporate General Counsel at this year’s LSSO RainDance conference.

I suppose it is not surprising, given that there has been a spate of stories in recent years about law firms being targeted for the information held in their archives. It is especially understandable that clients with valuable intellectual property and trade secrets would be careful in selecting outside counsel who can and do protect their cyber-walls.

Business development and marketing pitches may soon address this growing concern, and firms that have invested heavily in data protection technology, protocols and training would certainly do well to incorporate those commitments into client and prospect messaging.

Within one recent week, three big stories on this subject have popped up, including:

  1. An ABA Journal story questioning law firm preparedness
  2. An “Above the Law” story noting that 40 percent of firms don’t even know when an attempted attack has been made
  3. An IT Governance story asserting that 95 percent of law firms are not compliant with their own cyber-security policies

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