Posted by: johnocunningham | June 9, 2017

Coolest New Tool for Creating a Business Development Pipeline

There were a lot of great presentations on the state of the art and the future of legal service delivery and legal marketing at the 2017 LSSO RainDance conference, but one of the coolest demonstrations on a piece of practical and simple technology was by David Ackert of Practice Pipeline.

David saw a need in law firms and created a simple software program to solve it. He recognized that 73 percent of law firms have some kind of CRM (client relationship management) software, but less than 5 percent of lawyers are actually using it. He figured out that lawyers don’t use it because the interface is too complex, or the data entry takes too much time, or there is simply no system to prompt them what to do.

So he hired a programmer and crafted his own tailor-made solution for law firm users. David’s system is so simple it is genius. It depicts colored tiles for each client, prospect or referral source for each lawyer, and it offers up prompts for BD activities corresponding to each tile. Thus, a lawyer using the system is easily prompted to invite someone to coffee or lunch, send them articles or birthday notes, visit them for sales presentations or invite them to events, and more.

Then the system scores your BD activity – by volume and recency – and it compares your score to other lawyers in the firm (so you know if you are falling behind or keeping pace with your peers). It also prompts you to prepare for or follow up on activities you have scheduled. A green tile means you have more than a week to prepare for a BD activity with a given contact, a yellow tile means you are coming due, and a red tile means you are on or have missed a deadline.

The system also allows lawyers to see what others in the firm are doing with the same clients, targets or referral sources, so as to improve collaboration, and it gives you a chance to see which BD activities and which lawyers are getting return on activity investment.

As a result of this simplicity, utilization rates for this system are 75 percent, which is more than 70 percent better than typical CRM programs alone.

For a nice video overview of this system, check out this YouTube video. 

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