Posted by: johnocunningham | April 24, 2017

Real Lawyers With Really Good Blogs

I get asked periodically: “What do you think are good examples of blogs written by reputable lawyers?”

Well, here are three examples I favor:

  • The Margolis & Bloom “Planning for Life” blog features regular posts, content that is useful to both clients and practitioners, and well-written pieces that are easy to digest.  Plus, Harry Margolis is truly the “Dean of Elder Law” and a highly reputable estate planning lawyer.
  • The Employer Handbook is a blog by Eric Meyer, a Philadelphia lawyer with a sense of humor, a conversational writing style, and a knack for finding something new and interesting to write about in employment law almost every day.
  • The Venable LLP “All About Advertising Law” blog, which features frequent posts about the law of advertising and marketing, a field that I love and one that offers lots of interesting real-life stories. Again, it is informative and NOT boring !

So, there you have it. Three good examples of blogs that offer regularly published content that is worth taking the time to read (and it does not take much time because it is well-written and well-condensed rather than long, boring and tedious).


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