Posted by: johnocunningham | March 23, 2017

Alternative Legal Service Providers Rising Rapidly

A recent study highlighted by the ABA Journal has noted that a majority of corporate clients and law firms are now using alternative legal service providers (“ALSPs”) to help them with defined tasks, such as e-discovery, automated document review, economic damage assessments and other tasks.

According to the ABA Journal article, 51 percent of law firms and 60 percent of corporations are now utilizing the services of ALSPs to save costs, reduce labor and/or improve and expedite results.

As noted in a recent article on, the trend is not just about cost savings and it is likely to continue growing.

Furthermore, the current numbers of ALSP users are projected to be 72 percent of law firms and 74 percent of corporations within the coming year.

Law firms must figure out not only how to incorporate the services of the very best ALSPs to save money and improve efficiency for their corporate clients, but how to communicate the benefits and results of this adoption to clients who are clearly aware of and shopping for these alternative services already. If this is not in your messaging already, law firms, then it should be.


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