Posted by: johnocunningham | February 27, 2017

Top-Rated Counsel Garnering Higher Scores for Understanding Client Business

Michael Rynowecer of the well-known and highly reputable BTI Consulting Group recently published a Linked-In post entitled “The Six Traits of a BTI Client-Service All-Star,” which neatly summarized client opinions on a number of key components of client service.

One of the interesting take-aways from this survey is that “all-star” service performers (as rated by clients) have dramatically improved in one key ranking for “exceptional understanding of the client’s business.” Thus, the legal service all-stars have clearly started paying attention to what corporate clients have been saying for years – you must understand our business better.

A total of 22.8 percent of client service all-stars merited this praise from clients, up from just 11.4 percent only a year ago.

This score, while indicating big improvement, shows that there is still plenty of room to gain an edge on legal service competitors by ratcheting up the understanding of a client’s business.

Law firms would do well to study industries and individual businesses harder, especially considering that at least one 2012 poll by Altman Weil showed clients ranking knowledge of industry and business ahead of all other components for lawyer selection (including references from other lawyers).

If you need help with learning clients’ industries and individual businesses, I can help with that, having served as Chief Legal Officer to two companies and having interviewed hundreds of clients from numerous industries. My contact info is on this site.


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