Posted by: johnocunningham | August 2, 2016

Best of July 2016 Blogs: Content Creation, Networks, and Innovation

This is my 44th post in a series of monthly features that I have dubbed “Best of My Blog Roll.” The concept is simple – at the end of a month I peruse my own blog roll (see that column on the right) for material created by other bloggers that I think is most worthy of sharing with others, and then I report on it here.

Reviewing blog posts for the month of July 2016, I have chosen to highlight the following:

  1. A post by Stephen Fairley on the Rainmaker Blog entitled, “How Google Defines Quality Content,” which gives a good snapshot of some key considerations in Google’s proprietary analytics for quality measurement. You can find other pronouncements on the subject by Google’s Matt Cutts on YouTube and other media sites.
  2. A post by Craig Brown on the LawVision blog entitled, “Why Your Strongest Contacts Are Not Always Your Best Contacts,” which illustrates the importance of cultivating so-called “weak links” to circles of people that you don’t typically enter. The idea behind cultivating weak links is not to be randomly entering new groups, but strategically looking at those which might dovetail with your clients and prospects for enhanced client development opportunities. The research that has been done on this subject at Harvard Business School is very detailed and convincing for those who might want to Google it.
  3. A post by D. Casey Flaherty on the Three Geeks and a Law Blog entitled, “Law Firm Partners, If It Ain’t Broke…,” which provides a heady discussion about the current competitive landscape in the legal services industry, the challenges ahead, and the necessity and likelihood of innovation and change (from within or from outside the legal profession).

I liked these posts because they all provide valuable insights into topics that are relevant to professional service providers (especially lawyers) who need to improve their content marketing, their networking, and their entire approach to client service and innovation.



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