Posted by: johnocunningham | May 19, 2016

Legal Clients to Speak Out Again at LSSO RainDance

The 13th annual RainDance conference, hosted by the Legal Sales and Service Organization, will take place on June 7 – 8 at the Mid-America Club in Chicago, and Chief Legal Officers and other in-house lawyers are once again going to take the stage to tell audience members what they do and don’t like about legal service and sales in rapid response to dozens of questions posed to them.

The annual event should be a smash with this year’s moderator having served as master of ceremonies for numerous uniquely styled panels in the past. Check out Aaron Tantleff’s bio on the Foley Lardner site here:

Some examples of candid feedback from panelists in 2014 can be found on this site at this link:

And for those who may have missed it, here is what the Verizon GC had to say to law firms as part of a recent Bloomberg Law video series:

‘You’re Not My Family Doctor,’ Verizon GC Tells Law Firms


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