Posted by: johnocunningham | April 26, 2016

Law Firm Communications At Risk

During the first quarter of this year, the FBI reportedly warned large commercial law firms that they are targets for cyber-hackers, who are gaining access to “insider” information about clients in order to trade on it or to misuse it to gain access to accounts.

Then in April, a report on JD Supra noted that nearly 50 large firms had confirmed being victimized by hackers and thieves.

Here is a roundup of some published tips on protocol and procedures that can help keep hackers locked out:

  1. A 2014 article from Law Practice Today
  2. A 2016 article from Law Practice Today on Security Audits
  3. Recent security tips from DLA Piper Publications
  4. A 12-step guide to cybersecurity for law firms from
  5. Seven cybersecurity tips recently published by Above the Law

Law firms can also look to their largest clients who have dealt with hacking attempts for practical guidance on how to tighten security through the use of security experts, audits and protocols for information management and storage.

Internally, firms have to send clear, constant and consistent messaging to employees and contractors about the importance of following protocols and procedures established to protect firm clients.


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