Posted by: johnocunningham | April 23, 2016

How Can I Share on Twitter? Let Me Count the Ways.

I have been asked by legal practitioners who are new to the Twitter-sphere just what they have to share that is worth reading?

Here are five simple ideas for content sharing that do not take a lot of time or effort:

  1. Follow people who are leaders in your field and simply re-tweet the excellent content that they are posting. This is a form of “content curation” where you filter through the stuff that is out there, and pass along only what you think is worthy of sharing.
  2. Follow people who are leaders in the industries occupied by your best clients, and re-tweet the best content they are sharing. You will learn something about your clients’ industries (something clients regularly say they wish their lawyers would do more) and you will have a chance to connect with someone who is an expert in that industry.
  3. Post a short comment about a recent paper you wrote or a presentation you made, and incorporate a link to that content (but make sure the content is worthy of sharing and edited for reading by a general audience).
  4. Post a note about a hot law-related news story, and add a link to your unique analysis on your blog or website.
  5. If you see a truly outstanding piece in one of your firm newsletters or client alerts, post a note about it with a link to the story to call greater attention to it.

Those are just a handful of ideas to get you started. Once you start sharing, you will think of plenty of new ideas, and you might even have fun doing it !

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