Posted by: johnocunningham | March 23, 2016

Key Leadership Competencies Center on Communications

According to a recent article in the Harvard Business Review, two of the top three competencies of effective leadership involve communications skills.

The article by Dr. Sunnie Giles, entitled, “The Most Important Leadership Competencies,” was based on a survey of nearly 200 recognized leaders at 30 global organizations, and these leaders ranked the three most important aspects of leadership as follows:

  1. Setting high ethical and moral standards
  2. Communicating goals and objectives with loose guidelines and direction
  3. Communicating expectations clearly

Participants rated seven other aspects of leadership, but the top three were the only ones to receive substantially more than half the votes as “key competencies of leadership.”

The sixth rated competency – communicating often and openly – also focused on the communication traits of good leadership.

If you want to lead your department, division or organization effectively, you must sharpen your communication habits, as well as your skills.

Develop a communications plan to insure that you:

  1. Set goals and objectives with loose guidelines and direction
  2. Communicate often and openly
  3. Review your communications with objective professional input to insure that stated expectations are crystal clear




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