Posted by: johnocunningham | February 6, 2016

Internet Tools for Writers, Bloggers and Content Creators

If you are charged with creating content for your organization or your clients, you will benefit from having as many tools at your disposal as possible.

Here are a handful that you might like to try or even bookmark as “favorites”:

  1. The Google Scholar tool is free and great for doing research on scholarly works and studies, as well as legal issues. To search case law on Google Scholar, just go to the main page, enter your keywords, and click on the bullet for “case law.”
  2. Canva is a very simple tool for image creation and editing.
  3. Haiku Deck helps facilitate quick selection of layouts, images or fonts for  PowerPoint or SlideShare presentation.
  4. Meme Generator helps you create memes when you want to add something comical or different to a presentation.
  5. Google’s Note Everything is a notepad application that enables you to create text-, voice- and paint-notes that can be organized into various current project folders. It can import your Outlook memos and data too.

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