Posted by: johnocunningham | July 15, 2015

GC Panel: Super Lawyer Rankings Just “Expensive Click-bait”

For the fourth time in the history of the LSSO RainDance Conference, a panel of Chief Legal Officers overwhelmingly agreed that Super Lawyer rankings are meaningless, and one described them as nothing more than “expensive click-bait.”

Panelists also generally agreed that lawyer profiles could use more humanizing (as in sharing hobbies or interests), that effective content marketing has led them to hire a lawyer or firm, and that pitching corporate executives directly for legal work is “not cool” with them.

For a complete RainDance round-up of GC panel feedback on a host of recurring legal sales and service issues, check out Sue-Ella Prodonovich’s post on Larry Bodine’s LawMarketing site.

The panelists’ responses were similar but not identical to GC feedback at the 2014 RainDance conference, and to GC feedback at the 2013 conference.

The sum total of responses provides a good lens into the minds of chief legal officers, who are generally looking for practical advice, as well as legal scholarship, industry knowledge and advice pertinent to industry context, along with good value added to their business for the dollars invested in legal counsel.


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