Posted by: johnocunningham | June 30, 2015

Law Firm Communications: The Greatest Danger May Come From Within

A recent article published by Bloomberg BNA, entitled “The Data Threat Within Law Firms,” points out that law firms are increasingly the targets of hackers, who want to access sensitive and valuable information related to mergers, patents, finance and other matters.

Coincidentally, multiple published surveys have shown that cybercrime and cyber-theft are among the top 3 concerns of most board members on corporate boards of directors, as well as Chief Legal Officers.

Thus, you would think that any law firm with state-of-the-art security systems and processes would make that fact known to their clients, and make their prospects aware of it as evidence of the firm’s proactive sensitivity to client concerns.

Nonetheless, I have yet to notice any law firm that has advertised the taking of these steps, and I have yet to hear of any firm addressing this concern, even cursorily in RFPs or other pitch proposals.

That could prove to be an opportunity for any firm that actually has instituted security systems, processes and screening that exceeds current standards.


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