Posted by: johnocunningham | June 22, 2015

Routine Client Interaction Is NOT Client Feedback

A recent edition of Today’s General Counsel magazine dealt with the subject of client feedback used by corporate law departments, and it highlighted a few key points that outside counsel would be wise to heed.

The key point, as made by General Counsel, is that routine interaction and client feedback are two different things. As the article suggests, “developing a structured process forces the gathering of real information about whether individual service providers are efficient, responsive and able to communicate.” Corporate law departments doing more formal assessments of outside counsel sometimes also measure “effectiveness, predictive accuracy, knowledge base… and how accurate the attorney’s judgment was” at the conclusion of a matter.

A key takeaway for outside counsel is this: Even if you are not taking serious steps to measure your output and your client satisfaction, your corporate client is likely doing it anyway. So don’t you want to be proactive and invite them to share their assessment of you?

High-performing commercial enterprises are generally obsessed with customer/client perceptions, preferences and feedback, and perpetual improvement to meet evolving customer/client preferences and demands. The “best in breed” law firms must do the same if they are to survive.

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