Posted by: johnocunningham | May 11, 2015

Best Blogs of April: LawVision INSIGHTS

This is my 29th post in a series of monthly features that I have dubbed “Best of My Blog Roll.” The concept is simple – at the end of a month I peruse my own blog roll (see that column on the right) for material created by other bloggers that I think is most worthy of sharing with others, and then I report on it here.

For the month of April 2015, I have chosen to highlight, first and foremost, a clump of blog posts on the LawVision INSIGHTS blog, which has recently featured several posts per month of with a practical application.

The posts last month that I found particularly interesting were about:

  1. How you can change the outcome by changing the language in your professional services firm;
  2. The four W’s of business development – who, what, when and why; and
  3. Why it might be better to be “superfast” than “super-rich” as a law firm.

Another April post that I liked was one by Stephen Fairley on the Rainmaker Blog about “True Tales from Law Firm Intake Calls.” What I liked about this short post was that it highlighted the critical importance of the first step in law firm communications with a client. It also showed how a stumble on this first step is one from which you might not recover. As the post demonstrates, it is also a stumble that occurs too often for mere lack of attention to the client gateway into your professional services house, and it should not happen because it is so easy to prevent.

Finally, I would like to call attention to a thought-provoking post by Steven J. Harper at the Belly of the Beast. This post was entitled “Thinking Beyond the AmLaw 100 Rankings” and it examined five recently “stylish” trends among law firms that might not have worked out so well in practice.



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