Posted by: johnocunningham | May 1, 2015

Business Contacts in a Flash

I am always intrigued by new ways of working better, faster and more effectively. I was particularly intrigued when I reviewed an article in the Wall Street Journal that mentioned how some people are using a new program, known as Anki, that makes it easier to remember things using digital flashcards.

The idea of learning something by flipping through a series of flashcards on a phone screen while riding in a train, plane or cab, or waiting in a doctor’s office or wherever, seemed perfect for today’s busy lifestyle.

Apparently, some people have found this app particularly effective for improving recall of information about key business contacts or targets, such as their names, the nature of their businesses, the names of their staff or family members. This is a great exercise to perform before racing to a pitch or presentation in front of a client or target with whom you want to grow a business relationship.

I have not tried Anki yet for myself, but I welcome any feedback on this or similar programs that marketing and communications pros think are useful for learning about clients, prospects, industries or other important data.


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