Posted by: johnocunningham | January 13, 2015

Elements of a Blog Post That Attracts Readers

Sometimes the best way to learn is by following the example of others who are successful.

I have recently noticed, through a variety of links and recommendations, certain legal blogs that attract more attention than others.

One in particular that I have noticed is called “Dashboard Insights” and it states on its banner that it provides “timely analysis of emerging legal and business developments for the automotive industry.”

For my own readers, I would like to call attention to the elements of a recent post on that blog, entitled: “Before Driverless Cars, Questions.”

Here are some of the elements that make this post both attractive and effective, enticing targeted readers and making it more likely that they will like, favorite or bookmark the site and return to it for more content:

  1. The post covers a timely topic that people are discussing now. Furthermore, it does so not days, weeks or months after the topic was fresh (as some legal blogs do) but right now, as the topical interest is peaking in driverless cars.
  2. The author is noting some of the legal issues associated with a technological development that is still in progress and has yet to be rolled out to the public, so he is ahead of the curve, and well ahead of his competition. As GCs would observe, he is anticipating problems before they happen, and calling attention to them while something can be done to prevent them.
  3. The author provides lots of links to related stories and to legal or technological explanations of various elements of his current post.
  4. The post is long enough to be substantive, but not so long as to be tedious.
  5. The post has four subheds that break up the content into easily digestible chunks.

I also love that the post has a link to the author’s biographical profile, something that makes it easier to read about the author and perhaps decide to call him for related legal advice.

The blog post also ties in to and promotes an event that the firm – Foley Lardner – will be hosting at its offices. This is a great example of a good legal blog and an excellent blog post.


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