Posted by: johnocunningham | September 26, 2014

Linked-In for Lawyers

The American Bar Association published an article in 2012 about the importance of Linked-In for lawyers, noting that nearly 4 out of 5 business decision-makers look at a lawyer’s Linked-In profile before contacting them to discuss a new engagement.

Most lawyers now know that Linked-In is an important tool for connecting with potential clients and referral sources, but many are still not sure how to use this tool effectively.

One of the best and simplest summaries of “tips” for lawyers who want to master Linked-In, in my opinion, is Amy Campbell’s piece entitled, “Linked-In for Lawyers: Basics, Power Tips and Caveats.” There are many other articles on the topic that can be found on-line, but I think this one is a good starting point with plenty of actual screen shots of Linked-In to demonstrate the “how to” advice. When you go to Amy’s page via the link above, you have to click on “download this article” to see her 10 easy tips.

I also recommend for lawyers and legal marketers that they follow Linked-In CEO Jeff Weiner on Twitter to learn more about the platform. Jeff puts out some great tweets about Linked-In and social media in general.



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