Posted by: johnocunningham | August 22, 2014

Three Social Media Tools for Promoting Your Content

Among journalists and bloggers, I am seeing and hearing a lot of good reviews on three social media tools for expanding influence and outreach, and promoting good content. I have no affiliation of any kind with any of these tools, but the “buzz” about them has inspired me to learn more and share what I know so far.

1. “Buffer” at is a tool that can be used for managing content releases through multiple social media accounts at one time. It also facilitates statistical analysis of how your content posts are performing.

2. “Buzzstream” at is a tool for link-building and relationship building with influencers, such as PR/media pros. You can research who key influencers are in any field, track your touch points (or those of your entire team) with those influencers, build dossiers on influencers in your scope of outreach, and much more.

3. “Muckrack” at is a tool for those who want to reach journalists and bloggers, as well as journalists and bloggers who want to build a portfolio of their work so that they can be reached by more sources and promoters. You can get instant alerts when journalists or bloggers cite or share your content, you can search for journalists/bloggers covering your professional specialty, you can pitch directly to targets, and more.

These are just three of many fast-growing social media services that can be useful for content promotion. PR pros and in-house communications specialists need to be mastering these kinds of tools now for faster, more effective outreach with better performance analysis and outcomes.


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