Posted by: johnocunningham | June 8, 2014

Trending Blogs Mentioned at LSSO RainDance Conference

The Legal Sales and Service Organization’s 2014 RainDance conference was a big hit with attendees once again, covering not only law firm trends, but the future for law firms and legal sales and service.

In the coming days, I will share with readers some of the highlights of this year’s conference, but first I want to share just two blogs that were mentioned at the conference.

First, there is the PatrickOnPricing blog, which is a collection of writings on news, trends and analysis about legal service pricing and the professionals who study it. This blog is hosted by Patrick Johansen, the first professional in a U.S. law firm to earn the certified pricing professional designation, and it is nicely written and full of useful information for those who are interested in knowing more about how to price their services.

Second, there is the Law21 blog, written by Canadian author Jordan Furlong, who shares plenty of information and analysis about the most disruptive changes that law firms are facing and will be facing in the not so distant future. Jordan is also a partner with Edge International, an internationally reputable management consultancy.

Both of these blogs have been added to my own blogroll, and will be included in my monthly review of the best legal communications and marketing blog posts in the blogosphere.


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