Posted by: johnocunningham | February 27, 2014

Free Websites For Small Firms With Small Budgets

Not so long ago, it was only large firms that had the resources put up first-rate Websites, hiring Web designers, Web hosts, writers, photographers, and a fleet of other professionals to build out a place in cyberspace that had the flash and glitz of a four-star hotel.

Now, there are a host of tools for do-it-yourselfers (DIY’ers) that make constructing a Website relatively simple and intuitive. You can simply pick a template, choose the number of tabs you want on your site and name them, upload photos and other graphics, all with some easy mouse-clicks.

Of course, you have to enter your own text, but even that task is pretty easy with the help of a professional writer or editor (who will charge you far less on an hourly basis than you charge your own clients if you are a lawyer, accountant or other professional consultant).

There are many choices available in the marketplace for DIY’ers that want to construct their own site for free and pay no monthly fees for site hosting or maintenance now.

Two of the more popular tools for constructing professional looking Websites right now are:

I also like WordPress, and that it what I used to build my site, which is a hybrid site that has the features of a blog and a Website. For bloggers, is a very popular favorite.

So there are no more excuses for not constructing a place where people can find you in cyberspace, and there is no reason that your place cannot be every bit as good as a four-star site constructed by a much bigger rival.





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