Posted by: johnocunningham | January 3, 2014

The Best Blogs of 2013

WordPress blogs have some great traffic analysis features, including an automatic year-end summary of the posts that drew the most traffic to a blog site.

In 2013, the posts on this blog that drew the most attention were about:

  1. Law firm advertising and tag lines;
  2. What chief legal officers say that they want and don’t want from lawyers; and
  3. Market trends that law firms cannot ignore.

A fourth post drew almost as much traffic as the third place post above, focusing on “How many impressions it takes to make a sale.”

The level of interest shown in the second and third posts was not surprising, as law firm leaders and practitioners are naturally concerned with:

  • What the chief legal officers of their prized clients are thinking; and
  • What kinds of market trends are impacting their practices.

The first-place post, however, was a surprise to me. It really got a lot of attention throughout the year, and it led me to believe that law firms and their marketing pros are spending a good bit of time trying to figure out how to capture the essence of their firms in short, memorable and uniquely accurate ways (often referred to as “tag lines” for their placement at the end of commercials, printed materials, web content and other publications).

Summing up a law firm in a way that is unique is really challenging, and it requires the firm to think about what it is committed to in a way that no other competitor is or few are. The tag line “Two hours period,” which was used by a law firm that committed to returning all calls and taking action on them within two hours, was most memorable for me, particularly in light of the constant refrain from clients that law firms are too often ploddingly slow and indecisive.

The popularity of the post about how many impressions it takes to make a sale also caught my attention, as it was quickly crafted after a lunch meeting with a professional colleague who told me how hard it was to explain to some lawyers that business does not just come flowing in because someone arranged a first meeting with a prospect. Seems obvious, right? But the post made an impact.

I believe that people were really struck by the fact that some companies had studied how many “impressions” it takes to turn a prospect into a client, and the answer was consistent among companies – it takes several impressions or more to make a sale. Heck, it even took Babe Ruth 11.76 trips to the plate for every home run he hit during his career !




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