Posted by: johnocunningham | November 9, 2013

Best Blogs of October: The Power of Story

This is my 14th post in a series of monthly features that I have dubbed “Best of My BlogRoll.” The concept is simple – each month I peruse my own blog roll (see that column on the right) for material created by other bloggers that I think is most worthy of sharing with others, and then I report on it here.

For the month of September, I have chosen to highlight an October 23 post about keeping audiences engaged with real-life stories. This post was provided by Cordell Parvin on the information-rich Cordell Parvin blog.

Cordell explains how a Thompson & Knight litigation partner and his associate dazzled a client with true stories about actual surprises at trial that formed the grounds for appeal and retrial. He also provided a few unforgettable examples of those anecdotes to illustrate the power of story.

Personally, I have always been amazed at little story-telling there is on lawyer and law firm Websites given the fact that experienced attorneys always have a host of war stories to tell in person. Such stories can convey, by example, just how good a law firm or lawyer is at delivering value and results much better than some dry bullets in a very dry attorney profile.

I know of at least one firm that has employed the power of short story in its Web content, telling stories about:

Lawyers do have great stories to tell, they are not bashful about sharing them in person, but too many of them somehow are averse to putting them on the Web, perhaps for fear of looking like braggers or worse. But a good story, properly told, is worth a whole lot more than piles of impersonal data about schools, degrees, awards and other material that is just intellectual bragging.

Don’t believe it. Check out this short video on Vimeo about the power of story.

Disclosure: I have provided copywriting services to the Campbell Trial Lawyers, but do not currently serve that firm, and have no interest in promoting their site. The links to their site are provided solely as an example of the power of story.


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