Posted by: johnocunningham | July 1, 2013

Maintaining a Sales Culture

Like hitting a home run, making a big sale is not easy. It can take many attempts, requires dogged determination, and results in failure more often than not.

Thus, a salesperson needs to maintain a resiliently positive attitude, and a sales team needs to maintain a resiliently positive culture.

This observation, and a terrific no-cost practical suggestion for maintaining a productive sales culture came from Adam Stock, CMO and Client Services Officer for Allen Matkins, at this year’s LSSO RainDance conference in June.

Stock specifically pointed to studies demonstrating that the workplace productivity of individual workers (especially salespeople) drops measurably and dramatically when they feel ignored or have their work symbolically shredded by their leaders.

When asked what similarly demotivates them, attendees at RainDance listed failure to acknowledge success, berating of efforts, shooting down new ideas for bad reasons, requiring excessive red-tape for approvals, being rude, failing to ask for input, and clock-watching vs. monitoring of actual effort.

The really great and practical observation made by Adam Stock was that it costs nothing for management to detect and eliminate or minimize as many of these de-motivational forces as possible. Thus, the ROI from increased productivity resulting from just a little effort at maintaining a positive culture is nearly infinite.

If you are trying to hit more home runs at your firm, ask yourself how you can better communicate that employees and their suggestions and contributions are valued, instead of ignored or shredded.

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