Posted by: johnocunningham | May 6, 2013

Leadership, Strategy, Pricing & Process Improvement on the RainDance 2013 Agenda

The 10th annual RainDance conference of the Legal Sales and Service Organization (“LSSO”) is just four weeks away as of this posting (May 6, 2013) and promises to deliver some very unique and useful information for attendees about leading-edge sales and services practices among law firms who are competing for clients.

On June 4th and 5th in Boston, the conference will feature, among other things, presentations by nationally known speakers and breakout sessions related to:

  1. Trends in Hiring and Utilization of Chief Strategy Officers;
  2. Emerging Pricing Tools and Competitive Metrics;
  3. Tools for Process Improvement that Enhance Revenues;
  4. Tips on Leading and Managing a Sales Team (from a top-ranked sales leader); and
  5. An Overview on Formulating Effective Sales and Service Strategies.

Take a look at the complete 2013_RainDance_Conference_Agenda_-_Final_Agenda if you are interested in coming to Boston for the springtime.


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