Posted by: johnocunningham | March 23, 2013

Legal Sales and Service Experts Come to Boston (June 4-5)

The 10th annual RainDance conference of the Legal Sales and Service Organization (“LSSO”) is offering a slate of speakers and panelists who should provide attendees with plenty of useful information related to timely topics of competitive significance.

Among other things, the conference will be offering:

  • A competitive pricing tools and metrics workshop;
  • A “how to” for process improvement in law firms;
  • A look into the future from prominent chief strategy officers;
  • A presentation on how take market share “below the radar;” and
  • A look inside the minds of accomplished chief legal officers who will share their views and sales and service.

But the highlight of the event might well be “lessons learned” in marketing, sales and service from Boston Celtics President Rich Gotham, who was formerly the CEO of a successful technology company as well.

The schedule of events and the slate of speakers for RainDance 2013 is well worth considering. Hope to see you there!

Disclosure: I am affiliated with the LSSO as the Chairman of the LSSO Board of Editors.


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