Posted by: johnocunningham | March 19, 2013

New Custom Legal Tool a Winner with Big Clients

A recent report by ALM’s Law Technology News, reveals that Littler Mendelson has just rolled out a revolutionary tech tool that five large clients are successfully using to track all kinds of management data related to more than 3,500 labor and employment administrative matters.

The CaseSmart system, developed by Littler to improve legal management and reduce the total spending on literally hundreds of administrative actions per year filed against one large client, is now being rolled out to other large clients based on the significant success of the initial launch.

If this system does all that it is reported to do, I believe that it will set a new and higher bar for proactive client-centric service that all law firms will have to clear.

Among other things, the CaseSmart system provides a management dashboard that can be used to track the status of every action in something close to real time, while enabling managers to identify particular regions or managers affected by repeated workplace complaints and the associated costs. It also facilitates the generation of reports that compare attorney performance by hours, results and other metrics, facilitating the ability to manage toward constant improvement of the client and the law firm alike.

Clients love law firms that can think about problems from the client’s perspective and develop solutions that are both efficient and practical.  The CaseSmart tool, as described, is just such a solution. It also illustrates perfectly that law firms are capable of using, designing and customizing technology solutions that will solve problems for themselves and their clients without waiting for technology vendors to do it.

This story demonstrates the kind of innovative approach to client service that will ultimately separate the winners from the losers in the legal marketplace of the fast-approaching future.

NOTE: Littler Mendelson is not a client of the author of this blog. I write about innovative approaches to client service and client development whenever I see the opportunity to do so, and believe that it will benefit my readers.


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