Posted by: johnocunningham | March 8, 2013

Law Firms: Time to Partner Up With Other Service Firms

The world is getting more, not less competitive, and law firms need to realize that accounting firms, insurance companies, risk management consultants and other service providers are successfully encroaching on their traditional turf.

These firms are devising ways to assist corporate clients with litigation discovery, calculations of complex damages, dispute resolution, risk avoidance, compliance counseling, vulnerability assessments, cybersecurity issues, and other kinds of matters that lawyers could be called upon to handle if they were more cost-effective, value-minded and marketing-oriented.

Some creative law firms are already thinking in terms of value and how they can work with, instead of against, other service firms that have been better at building partnerships with corporate executives and decision-makers.

The latest innovative example of this trend, as I have seen it, is the approach taken by the global labor and employment firm of Littler Mendelson (“Littler”). According to a recent report, Littler is partnering with ACE Group (a leading insurer that provides significant assistance to businesses) to provide ACE’s select corporate clients with a service, known as EPL Assist, an employment risk management tool that will give clients quick and easy access to searchable legal content, forms, and sample handbooks.

This tool will also give clients access to Littler attorneys who will provide same day responses to questions related to their issues.

I believe that this kind of innovation will enhance customer/client perceptions of the ACE Group brand while also offering Littler a chance to expand its market reach – a true win-win for both partners.

This kind of innovative inter-industry partnering takes place all of the time in the business world, and it is great to see law firms joining in the fun !

Note: Neither Littler nor ACE Group is a client of mine.


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