Posted by: johnocunningham | March 3, 2013

Best Blogs of February: Content is King

This is my 6th post in a series of monthly features that I have dubbed, “Best of My Blogroll.” The concept is simple – each month I peruse my own blogroll for material created by other bloggers that I think is most worthy of sharing with others, and then I report on it here.

For the best of February, I have selected a pair of posts about content marketing, both of which were provided by the Rainmaker Institute on its blog, “The Rainmaker Blog.”

In these posts, Stephen Fairley explains how quality content marketing can raise the search engine ranking of a site that offers it, and he provides a number of statistics – based on surveys – about the content preferences and content useage of business decision-makers and prospects.

Among the interesting statistics that Fairley cites in his piece entitled “23 Reasons Why Content Marketing Matters” are the following:

1. 80% of business decision makers prefer to get company information in a series of articles versus an advertisement.

2. 70% of consumers prefer getting to know a company via articles rather than ads.

3. 70% say content marketing makes them feel closer to the sponsoring company.

4. 20% of users’ time is spent surfing the Internet on content-led websites.

The author also notes in a piece entitled “How to Make Google Fall in Love with Your Website” that there are at least 14 common methods for improving a search ranking, three of which relate directly to the kind of content you provide on your site.

There is not much doubt about it – content is King in the information age, and plain old pablum just won’t do.


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