Posted by: johnocunningham | February 17, 2013

More Than One Way to Catch a Client

I recently came across an anecdote told by Stan Rosenzweig, a business writer and successful serial entrepreneur, which illustrates beautifully that there are different ways of netting new clients.

Rosenzweig compares the spider and the bumble-bee, noting that the bee flies as much as 50 miles away to find the pollen of a really choice flower or “prospect,” while the spider simply picks a great location with “high traffic flow” to snare his prospects.

The metaphor hits home for professional marketers, who recognize the difference between direct sales tactics that rely on reaching out to prospects that have been identified through wide-ranging research, and shop location strategies that depend on good siting where the customers or clients are hovering.

Even in professional services, this is important because most clients say that location is a “factor” in their choice of lawyer, and more than 10 percent of clients surveyed say that proximate location  is the biggest factor in that choice.

This is why many firms are now competing with the establishment of local offices outside of the beltways around major cities. Even in the Internet age, there is a significant percentage of people who value the ability to deal face-to-face with their service provider, and smaller satellite offices are easy to set up now.

For just one example of an option for setting up rent-on-demand or virtual office spaces with conference rooms, video facilities and technology support, check out

Note: I am not in any way affiliated with Regus, and make no endorsement of their products or services. Regus is but one example of a number of companies that are providing innovative office solutions for businesses that need a local presence, not just in big urban areas, but smaller outlying cities.



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