Posted by: johnocunningham | February 14, 2013

A Powerful Tool for Content Marketing

In recent years, several surveys of general counsel have shown that one of the marketing “touches” they favor most is the value-added delivery of free content. In fact, surveys have shown that most clients far prefer to see something of value in their inbox rather than getting asked to another ballgame in a stadium suite.

In my opinion, one of the best tools for the marketing of branded legal content to an audience of corporate decision-makers is JDSupra, which creates a vast repository of legal news and analyses relevant to statutes, regulations and court decisions that are constantly changing.

JD Supra enables visitors to search and filter massive amounts of legal content to find what they need, and it also distributes legal news and analyses to more than 200,000 subscribers, including news outlets, social media channels, and commercial companies of all sizes that are commonly the targets for legal marketing.

For those fee-based subscribers who wish to post their branded content, JD Supra reviews their articles, tags them with appropriate keywords for search, and publishes the content under various subject matters. Upon publication, a post can be found on both the author’s profile page and on the page or news feed relating to its particular subject matter category.

You can also set up your account so that JD Supra will automatically scoop up stories from your blogs and/or published article archives through your Website(s), making it easy to propagate and repurpose your work.

If you buy a full suite of services with all the bells and whistles, it might cost you several thousand dollars per year, but it will connect you with an incredible array of readers who are likely to have some influence in selection of outside counsel.



  1. A lot of people who write will like this one

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