Posted by: johnocunningham | February 6, 2013

ACC’s Chief Legal Officers 2013 Survey

The Association of Corporate Counsel (“ACC”) has released the results of its recent survey of more than 1,100 general counsel and chief legal officers in both publicly and privately held companies. The respondents included individuals from 36 different countries who shared their views on a number of topics, including: top priorities for 2013; performance metrics; and staffing decisions.

Data breaches and cybersecurity reportedly has become the hottest topic of concern, racking up an “important” rating for 2013 among 72 percent of respondents.

Legal leaders also reportedly tabbed three main priorities for the coming year:

  • Keeping management apprised of key legal developments in their business;
  • Staying current and well-informed on changes in law affecting their business/industry; and
  • Being aware of company activities with legal implications (i.e., having eyes and ears on what is happening in the company).

A full copy of the ACC Survey results can be purchased through the ACC Website, and excerpts of the survey are nicely summarized by Catherine Dunn at this link to:




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