Posted by: johnocunningham | January 24, 2013

How to Please Clients/Customers: Fire the Boss?

Getting rid of some bad managers may be the quickest way to improve service in many organizations.

A host of studies has shown that employee productivity is related to confidence in and respect for leaders in the workplace. Studies have similarly shown that bad bosses cause employee turnover, loss in productivity, and ultimately a loss of customers.

This makes intuitive sense because the employee who interfaces with the customer is the face of the organization, and if the organization’s management treats that employee badly, then the customer interface is not likely to go so well either.

This is why great service organizations are built as so-called upside down pyramids. In these organizations, the customer or client is at the top, the line employees or the professionals who interface with the public are next in the hierarchy, and the organization’s management/leadership is at the base of the pyramid, supporting those who support the clients and customers.

Those at the top who doubt there is much opportunity for improvement by “firing the boss” might be surprised to learn that less than 25 percent of 2,400 employees surveyed at random by Maynard-based would vote to keep their boss in position!

The lesson here is clear – good bosses who have earned the respect of employees and customers/clients alike are worth their weight in gold. Bad bosses, who appear to be a dime a dozen, are altogether too toxic and too prevalent.



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