Posted by: johnocunningham | January 20, 2013

No Data Discovery Software? You’re Falling Behind

Every single industry in the world is competing for customers and clients, and we are living in an age where the competitive difference often comes down to technological efficiencies. Companies and organizations that can figure out how to delegate tasks to computers and robots, delivering higher quality results, faster, cheaper and better are winning the competition.

Lawyers and law firms are not insulated from this new age model, particularly in the litigation space, where terabytes of discovery information must be sorted through to prepare a client for trial.

According to a recent report in, electronic data discovery software, which reduces much of the human time spent on discovery, is rapidly on the rise. E-discovery software sales reached $1.4 billion globally last year, and they are expected to double in the next few years. As reported, 82 percent of the revenue and most of the growth is occurring in North America, where U.S. litigation budgets are a thorn in the side of CEOs and GCs.

The e-discovery software industry now includes such blue chip providers and investors as HP, Microsoft, Google, IBM and EMC. Lawyers who are not getting ahead of this curve will soon find their clients ordering them to use a provider of their choice to help control costs, improve efficiency and get better, more reliably accurate results than humans currently provide.


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