Posted by: johnocunningham | December 31, 2012

Best of December’s Blogroll: Getting Clients NOW

This is my 4th post in a series of monthly features that I have dubbed, “Best of My Blogroll.” The concept is simple – each month I peruse my own blogroll for material I think most worthy of sharing with others, and then I report on it here.

For the best of December, I have selected a post by the professional services consultant and author, Gerry Riskin, who linked to an article with some great practical nuggets, which was entitled, “I Need Clients Now.”

The foundation for the article was simple – the editors at Daily Dispatch posed a question to several business development experts: “What if your desk was suddenly clear, and you needed more work NOW?”

The responses from five reputable experts (Gerry Riskin, Sally Schmidt, Mike O’Horo, Bob Weiss and David King Keller) were all succinct and practical. In essence, they recommended actions of the following type:

  • Visit clients now, and take a helpful set of tips or updates tailor-made for each client to leave behind;
  • Look at the last project(s) you completed, and figure out how to turn that into follow-ups (i.e., if you did a great job for a client on an employment related matter, perhaps you could offer to review their employment handbook and policies or conduct an employment law compliance audit);
  • Rekindle connections with co-counsel, referring lawyers and even opposing counsel, and especially with counsel to whom you have previously referred business, letting them know you are looking for new business;
  • Check out LinkedIn postings… you might peruse postings on jobs and careers, participate in LinkedIn group discussions involving potential clients, or check out the GCs at various targets to see if you have a close, personal “link” in your two networks (the latter suggestion is my own);
  • Call targets and ask THEM for advice about their industry – people are often glad to give advice, and it gives you a door opener for talking about other clients you serve in the industry (or related industries) and how you want to serve them better, which just might leave a very positive impression.

If you want to check out Gerry Riskin’s post on his own thoughts, as well as his link to the article containing thoughts of other experts, just click on this link to his Amazing Firms, Amazing Practices blog.


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