Posted by: johnocunningham | December 8, 2012

The Best Law Firm Holiday Cards

No question about this one – year in and year out. The number one law firm holiday card is ALWAYS done by Wolf Greenfield.

One year it was a card embedded with wildflower seeds, such that you could plant the card in your yard and watch it grow in spring time. Another year, the firm sent out a memorable deck of cards, and in another year, they sent out holiday calendars (akin to advent calendars) that have little doors to open for finding clever and humorous messages related to intellectual property (“IP”).

This year?

I spent more than an hour studying my Wolf Greenfield holiday card – a head-scratching crossword puzzle with a winter/IP theme to it. When I could not quite fill in all of the boxes on my own, I rushed upstairs to my PC, and went to the firm’s Website to see the full solution. Once I got that, I could not resist seeing what else was on the firm’s Website (since I had not visited in a while).

So I guess I did exactly what Sara Crocker (Wolf Greenfield’s wizard of marketing) wanted me to do… and happily at that! My only criticism of the Website would be that I could not find a page dedicated to memorializing and documenting the long-running, glorious history of Wolf Greenfield holiday cards.

If you really want to make an impression with your clients, your prospects, your friends and referral sources, take a page from Wolf Greenfield and send out something different, something memorable, something everyone will talk about. But just remember, once you start a tradition like this, you can never stop. Every year, people will be waiting to see how you top yourself.

Congrats to Wolf Greenfield on another great holiday card, and condolences to members of the Wolf Greenfield family on the passing of their founder, David Wolf, in November.


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