Posted by: johnocunningham | October 12, 2012

Leaders Who Promote Communication and Teamwork

Communication and teamwork are twin partners that facilitate each other’s progress in a positive cultural environment, but totally break down in an atmosphere of personal agendas and distrust.

There is no shortage of research indicating that employees communicate better and work together more effectively when they respect their bosses, and now there is mounting evidence of just what kind of bosses get the most out of their employees.

If you want your internal teams to communicate and work optimally as a team, you might want to recruit and hire bosses that are:

1. Humble;

2. Flexible:

3. Honest and Straightforward;

4. Precise;

5. Forward-thinking; and

6. Patient.

That is the conclusion of a decades-long research project conducted by the leadership assessment firm, Chally, according to a recent article on that appeared in the Yahoo Small Business Advisor.

Using the right words in your communications is important, but finding the right words is a fool’s errand if they are to be ignored or discounted because of failures at the top. Organizations that recruit and promote people with these traits are recognizing the importance of having leaders with high emotional IQs who can bring out the best in their teams.




  1. Excellent post John. I would lobby for one more attribute to Chally’s list: Accountable. A boss can be all of these things but a team can be undermined by a team member’s detrimental behavior if the boss allows it to go unchecked.

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