Posted by: johnocunningham | April 16, 2012

On-line Marketing Trends

I recently discovered a neat little On-line Marketing Study of the Websites of 500 professional service firms, performed by a group called Hinge Marketing.

Among other things, the Hinge study found that nearly half of all firms had redesigned their Websites in the past year, and more than 80 percent had done so in the past three years. Thus, the emphasis on keeping content fresh and relevant is increasingly paramount, and sites seem to have lifespans of less than 3 years now.

The study also noted that:

  • Firms are moving away from static on-line “brochures” toward interactive and regularly updated on-line content; and
  • New Websites are built to accommodate and incorporate a variety of social media that offer fresh content, such as blogs, Twitter accounts, Linked-In profiles, Facebook pages and other media.

High growth firms are particularly focused on social media and marketing, with 2/3 of them planning to increase online spending in the current year. They also update and redesign their sites more frequently.

So if you are not keeping your on-line content fresh and well-linked to your social media presence, you may be falling behind the marketing curve.


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