Posted by: johnocunningham | April 13, 2012

Solos Need Websites Too

Yesterday, Larry Bodine’s Law Marketing Blog cited a stunning statistic from the 2011 ABA Legal Technology Survey: 39 percent of solo lawyers still have no Website!

Those who are surviving without one might well ask: Why do I need a site now if I have made it this far without one?

Well, I can think of at least five (5) good reasons for even solos or small firms to have a Website:

1. A Website is Essential to Your Credibility. You may have gotten by with nothing but word-of-mouth referrals for a long time, but contemporary clients expect you to have a Website. If you don’t have one, they will think you are less successful, or that you have no ability or interest in utilizing technology. That is a huge negative, particularly with younger clients.

2. Clients Judge You By Your Website. I have interviewed a number of large firm lawyers and in-house lawyers who say that they look at Websites when trying to choose a solo or small firm local counsel for litigation. Surveys also show that most contemporary clients seek more than one recommended lawyer for any project, and they compare choices by looking at Websites before they even call you.

3. Websites Are Better than Ads. Websites are lower cost and have wider reach than traditional advertising, particularly if people can discover them via social media. They also allow you to communicate at length, without the word limits and space limits of traditional ads. Plus, they are permanent, whereas ads run for a limited time.

4. Websites Can Be Linked to Your Social Media. You can raise your search engine ranking and your cyberpresence, and thus awareness of your firm in the marketplace, by linking to Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, a Blog or other forms of social media.

5. Everyone Else Has One. If 39 percent still have no site, that means that 61 percent do. You are now in the minority. For some lawyers, this is the ultimate reason to make a change.

For those who have not built a Web presence, it is now time to do so. Don’t be intimidated, and don’t worry about all that can go wrong. A LOT can go right, and there are plenty of highly qualified people out there to help you now. So don’t waste any more time thinking about it – just do it !



  1. Well said. I think many are scared off by the perceived cost. But in fact, there are plenty of good-looking, functional, easy-to-manage solutions that are solo-budget-friendly. The vast majority of my clients are solo lawyers, in fact, and I can usually (not always) get them up on the web for less than $750.

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