Posted by: johnocunningham | March 14, 2012

More Law Firms Moving Into Social Media

The Washington Post, citing an American Lawyer Media (ALM) Intelligence Report released in February, reports that 20 percent of law firms now have at least one full-time social media specialist on staff.

The survey results were gleaned from answers provided by lawyers, managing partners and marketing directors at 179 firms of various sizes across the U.S.

Furthermore, some major firms are hiring high-powered individuals to fill these slots. Reportedly, Latham & Watkins hired a former journalist at ALM while Dechert hired an experienced public relations professional.

Most firms appear to be focusing on improving their profiles and connections through better use of LinkedIn, Twitter and firm blogs. Facebook and YouTube are much less popular tools, at least for the moment.

The use of social media is no longer considered “fluff” at these firms, which have cited numerous positive experiences with social media that resulted in the addition of major clients and/or significant new matters for their lawyers.

An increasing number of my own clients have similarly reported better exposure and increased revenue associated with the use of blogs, LinkedIn, and to a lesser degree, Twitter.

So, it looks like a tipping point has been reached, and law firms are now embracing the use of these new communications technologies.


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