Posted by: johnocunningham | March 6, 2012

“Office in a Flash” for Small Firms and Solos

While reading one of my bar journal subscriptions recently, I ran across an intriguing article about the new “Office in a Flash” site for small firms and solos.

This site features some incredibly practical tools for lawyers, including:

  • Advice on crafting business plans;
  • Choice of entity decisions for professional services firms;
  • Office space and office design decisions;
  • Basic technology options and decisions;
  • Potential sources for finding consumer and business clients;
  • Money management and tax reporting advice; and
  • General resources, such as a library of client intake forms, representation agreements for different kinds of matters, time management and billing forms, and videos about starting a practice by bar leaders.

Kudos to the Texas Young Lawyers Association for coming up with this idea and executing it well. The site provides some great practical tips and tools, and while it contains some legal citations that are specific to Texas, most of the material can be useful to all small firm practitioners.


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