Posted by: johnocunningham | February 20, 2012

A New “Passive” Way to Connect With Clients

In recent years, the Internet has enabled prospective customers or clients of lenders, insurance companies and other providers to conduct on-line bidding for their patronage.

Those service providers who wish to participate in this version of reverse-auctioneering need only to register with the on-line auctioneers, such as LendingTree, in order to “win” these clients.

Now, there is a version of this passive approach to marketing available to lawyers who are willing to bid for a client’s case or legal project.

Of course, larger firms with larger clients that have more complex legal problems are not likely to participate, but small firms and solo practitioners may find this useful, especially if they have no marketing budget or taste for promoting or selling their services.

Participating lawyers will need to know how to assess the value of a case or project, as well as the likely time and resources it will take, in order to benefit from this approach.

It will not be attractive to those who abhor the “commoditization” of legal work, but it appears that the commoditization trend is going to continue whether our profession embraces it or not.

Check out the LegalNetworker site to discover more about one of the latest tools for connecting lawyers with clients.




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