Posted by: johnocunningham | February 6, 2012

Culture: the Cornerstone for All Other Building Blocks

Corporate culture and its relevance to performance, longevity, reputation and ethics have been the subject of much recent business study.

Creating and nurturing the right culture has also come to be the principle occupation of many chief executive officers. Louis V. Gerstner, who is widely credited for righting a sinking IBM ship in the 1990s, once said that “the thing I have learned as president of IBM is that culture is everything.” MIT Sloan School professor Edgar Schein similarly noted that “if you do not manage your culture, it manages you.”

Lately, I hear lawyers beginning to ask: “So what is this culture thing and how is it relevant to us?”

There is no shortage of scholarly material with which to answer that question, but one of the better short posts I have seen on the subject recently appears in this link to the Wisconsin State Bar site with credit to Michael Moore, Esq., a former General Counsel turned professional coach for lawyers and law firms.

If law firms can create a culture consistent with their goals and values, as well as those of their targeted clients, then they can attract and retain those desired clients and enjoy sustainable future growth built on a solid cornerstone.



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