Posted by: johnocunningham | January 25, 2012

Communication in Advertising

I picked up an interesting tidbit from an article by copywriter Virginia Bisek in last month’s Texas Bar Journal, which was provocatively entitled, “Your Online Ad is Boring.”

She notes that several studies have been made on the words that strike the strongest internal chords with consumers – something I did not know. Some of the words that rank highest are :

  • You (well, I guess if the ad speaks to “you” it kind of reaches out);
  • Save (we all like this concept);
  • Easy (another concept of universal appeal, perhaps especially when dealing with otherwise messy and complicated legal issues);
  • Safety (does anyone like danger?);
  • New (though some precedent-based lawyers might prefer “old”); and
  • Discover (which is consistent with the search for something “new”).

So next time you are working up ad copy, you might consider appealing to a reader’s desire to save, to be safe, or to be adventurous and try something new. You might also consider, if you are selling legal services, describing how you make things “easy” for the client (presuming that you do).  But whatever you decide, remember the ad should be all about the reader (which explains the appeal of the word, “you”).


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