Posted by: johnocunningham | January 1, 2012

Top 10 Tech-Related Trends in Legal Practice (#8)

Online Survey Services. Law firms that do not have the money or inclination to hire outside consultants to do in-person surveys of customers, employees or other groups, can now go online to get that feedback quickly and relatively inexpensively.

More than half of AmLaw 100 firms are now doing surveys of their very largest clients, according to a recent report. These firms understand that client survey feedback is essential to keeping those clients happy, learning more about their preferences, and obtaining their valuable guidance in setting the course for the future. Some even use surveys to ask about fees and value perceptions, which can help to determine optimal pricing.

Enlightened firms similarly understand the importance of surveying employees who are essential parts of the service supply line, and they also make use of surveys and focus groups for testing trial strategies with mock juries.

Now, with online services, many smaller firms can execute surveys or even focus groups at reasonable expense as well. Some of the online survey services mentioned at the recent FirmFuture conference in Boston include:

  •, which provides free “small” surveys (as defined by numbers of respondents and questions) and larger surveys for a fee;
  •, which provides more sophisticated assistance with design, distribution and analysis of questions and responses for larger surveys; and
  •, which can also help you identify and assemble online communities (essentially focus super-groups) composed of both customers and potential customers.

Note: The author of the this blog posting does not endorse any of the services listed, but is merely recapping those identified at FirmFuture and/or in the trade press as being utilized by professional service firms. Communispace is more commonly utilized by product sellers, but it is locally based in Boston, and has captured as clients some of the world’s top brands from many different industries.


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